Tryst Lions Wrestling Club


Tryst Lions Wrestling Club in Cumbernauld is one of the oldest active wrestling clubs in Scotland. Formed in 1987 from the old Cumbernauld Wrestling Club , it has roots dating back to the year 1969. Formerly coached by Mike Roles, the club has been taught wrestling by 2002 Commonwealth Games athlete Steven McKeown for over 25 years. The club has a highly successful kids grassroots programme as one of the main objectives of the club is to grow the sport of wrestling in Scotland by introduce young people to wrestling. The club has also produced many senior wrestling champions who have achieved success at various levels of wrestling, with Veteran wrestler Bobby McLucas recently winning medals at World Veteran Wrestling Championships in 2010, 2011 and 2013.


Steven McKeown

Training Times

Tuesday 7 - 8pm (5 - 11), 8 - 9:30pm (12 +)

Thursday 7 - 8pm (5 - 11), 8 - 9:30pm (12 +)


£5 Seniors (18+) 

£4 Juniors (Under 18) & Students 

Alternatively, members can also pay by standing order.

The club currently runs 96 sessions and if they attend twice a week in a year, they will pay for 93 sessions (3 sessions free).

Senior members - £38.75 / month.

Junior members & Students - £31.00 / month. 

Members attending once per week will pay for 48 sessions.

Senior members - £20.00 / month.

Junior members & Students – £16.00 / month

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