June 26, 2020

SW Return to Physical Activity Guidelines Phase 2

Scottish Wrestling welcomes last week’s announcement from the Scottish Government that Scotland is moving into phase two of the route map through the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is positive news, it does not represent a return to sport but a further extension of exercise guidelines.

We’d like to remind members that all formal wrestling activity, including competitions and formal training, remain suspended and all indoor facilities should remain closed. This is clearly a difficult time for people across the country and we recognise that members will be frustrated, but public health and well-being remains the most pressing priority and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to continue to suppress the spread of the virus.

Key changes in phase two include:

  • You are now able to meet up with people from a maximum of two other households in a single day, with a maximum group size of eight people.
  • Those advised to shield due to pre-existing risk factors can now take part in non-contact outdoor sport.
  • Travel guidance is still that you should stay with 5 miles from home for leisure purposes. Driving is now allowed for these journeys but walking and cycling is still encouraged.

Changes for phase two which are relevant for sport are minimal. Based on the latest government guidance Scottish Wrestling, in partnership with sportscotland, has developed practical guidance for members to follow so that they can be clear on what this latest phase means for our sport and, most importantly, to continue to protect the health and well-being of our members and local communities.

The guidance can be found here (updated 01/07/2020) link

This guidance will be updated as we continue to move through the Scottish Government’s route map out of lockdown and we will continue to work with sportscotland, Scottish Government and other sports to progress plans for the return of sport when it is safe to do so as part of future phases of the route map.

Members can incorporate some wrestling-based fitness activity into their daily physical activity which adhere to the government’s phase two guidance. Use wrestling drills (leg attacks, trow imitation) without partner or using an elastic rope.

Kind regards,

Scottish Wrestling Team

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